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The psychotherapist from Reykjavík

Cartoon doodle by Artmagenta
Svanhildur is a psychotherapist from Reykjavík

The art gallery curator from Mechelen

The art gallery curator from Mechelen is a doodle by Artmagenta
Sandra is an Art Gallery Curator from Mechelen

The cartographer from Kolding

The cartographer from Kolding is a doodle by Artmagenta
Tora is a cartographer from Kolding

The button maker from Rostock

The button maker from Rostock is a doodle by Artmagenta
Hilde is a button maker from Rostock

A ladies doodle


Ladies doodle by Artmagenta
These ladies won't accept directions

Fashion doodle


Fashion doodle by Artmagenta
16th century?
I have always heard that old time fashion is repeatedly coming back - but I have never seen it happen.

An umbrella crowding

Umbrella crowd by Artmagenta
An umbrella crowding
Autumn, rain, wind, cold. I love autumn, but sometimes it's best enjoyed from inside a house.

The Wallet

Wallet saleswoman is a doodle by Artmagenta
The wallet saleswoman
I had to buy a new wallet and this nice lady really talked like nobody else for her products. After buying that "special" wallet I didn't have any money left to put in it.

Pick the pickpocketer

Pickpocket by Artmagenta
Pick a pickpocketer
Some weeks ago I was on vacation in Greece. On our way home from the Greece archipelago we decided to stay two days in Athens and took the metro from Piraeus to Athens center. We were warned for pickpockets, especially in the metro and in spite of this knowledge, two of us were robbed of our wallets at the disembarkation at Syntagma Square.
We were aware of our missing wallets seconds before we left the train and yet we couldn't see or even understand who was the possible pickpocketer.

Is Coffee good for you?


Coffee doodle by Artmagenta
Drinking coffee is something you must get used to
I myself is a coffee drinker. I have at least 4 cups of coffee a day it is always espresso. Filter coffee gives me a stomach ache. I don't know why, but probably because esprosso contains much less tannins.

The big red sun

Doodle of the day

Clean lines and curvature

Clean lines and curvature by Artmagenta
Mona with curves
Sometimes I get obsessed with clean lines and curvature like in this sketch.

Saved by the bubbles

Hot tub
Trapped in the spa
I've got  a spa in my garden. A hot tub with bubbles.

The spa is well hidden in my garden. Neighbors can't see me there so I don't bother wearing anything while taking my bath.
But I didn't calculate with my neighbors' kids. Of course they can sneak in anywhere and suddenly they surrounded my hot tub with me in it. Luckily I had put on the bubbles and so it had to be for a long while until the kids got bored and left.
Saved by the bubbles this time.

The car laid an egg

The car laid an egg
The car that laid an egg
It's easy to jump into wrong conclusions.

Photographing birds in flight

Photographing birds in fligt
Photographing birds in flight
I know it is set up for misunderstandings when you mix publishing of figure drawings with bird drawings like I do. The content of the images are crisp and clear, but the headlines/titles can be misinterpreted. Like when setting titles for drawings of birds like Great Tits.

Some people get angry while others find it amusing when the title leads them to the unexpected.

Absinthe drinking ladies

Doodle of two absinthe drinking ladies
Jenny in the pub
Absinthe drinking ladies
by Pablo Picasso

Jenny's appearance reminded me of Picasso's painting of two absinthe drinking ladies. I just had to create this sketch to explain my experience.

She didn't understand and said:
- First: I do not have greenish skin. Second: I do not have nail biting friends. Third: I do not drink something cold absinthe!

I have no odor

Doodle with a parfume saleswoman
The parfume saleswoman
When I passed the perfume department at the store today, I was offered perfumes of a young beautiful parfume saleswoman. I wonder if she thought I smelled bad? Or maybe I completely am missing odor?

Just a doodle

Nice ladies - wrong place.
There was a knock on my door. I opened and there they were - my lady fan-club!

- I'm afraid that was wrong. They had got a wrong adress. There was a ladies party next door and I was definitely not invited...

Sunny tuesday sketches *

Sunny sidewalk cafe. Sketch by Artmagenta.
iPhone sketch
A nice and warm, late summer day. Lots of people on the sidewalk cafes. Good for the gesture drawings.

Sunny greetings

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